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October 16, 2023

What To Know About Monitored Vs. Unmonitored Security Systems In Louisville

You realize you must protect your home. Above all else, it’s where your family lives and is where you have all of your belongings. But what form of home defense is ideal? Figuring out if you should use 24-hour monitoring is one of the chief considerations you need to make. Explore the pros and cons of monitored vs. unmonitored security systems in Louisville and get a better sense of what’s right for you.

Differences Between Monitored Vs. Unmonitored Home Security Systems

When you opt for 24-hour monitoring, your home’s protection bridges to a third-party monitoring organization that is set to provide help at all times. When an entrypoint sensor trips or a smoke detector starts to sound, your monitoring professionals are issued an alert immediately. They quickly take action to verify the alarm and send the appropriate emergency professionals.

On the contrary, an unmonitored home defense doesn’t have a backup team. You might think of this alternative as self-monitored, meaning that if your system is tripped, you must take action to get it resolved. This option is the less expensive route, but it also comes with less peace of mind.

Benefits And Downsides Of A Monitored Security System In Louisville

Here’s a short overview of the advantages and drawbacks of a monitored security system.

Pros Of Monitored Systems

  • Heightened security: Having 24-hour support at the ready is always wise. If you are on vacation, asleep, or without your phone, your residence and its occupants will still be safeguarded.
  • Faster response: Monitoring professionals are always prepared. They’ll reply more quickly to incidents than you can by yourself.
  • Insurance reductions: Monitored home security systems could make you eligible for a discount on your home insurance premium.
  • Better components and smooth integration: When you receive tools, monitoring, and installation from a trusted home security expert, you will gain access to a fully connected system with components that may be better than what you will come across on your own.

Cons Of A Monitored System

  • Cost: You will pay a monthly charge for monitoring.
  • Have to get your system installed professionally: Numerous people would prefer to have the job completed by qualified professionals, but some do-it-yourselfers might want to handle it on their own.
  • Have to sign a contract: You will generally be required to sign a contract when opting for monitoring. This arrangement will be acceptable for numerous residents as home security is something you will want for the long haul.

Pros And Cons Of An Unmonitored Security System In Louisville

Here’s a quick overview of the benefits and downsides of an unmonitored security system.

Advantages Of An Unmonitored System

  • Cost: You won’t incur a monitoring bill.
  • Install yourself: Do-it-yourselfers could think of this as a benefit as they can do the installation themselves and circumvent an installation expense. Others will wish to use a skilled technician.
  • More Flexibility: You can incorporate components whenever you want - and from any manufacturer. Taking that into account, you could find integrating into a seamless system more challenging.
  • Control: You won’t have a third party monitoring your system. If something happens, it’s up to you to get help.

Cons Of An Unmonitored System

  • No support system: What if you’ve misplaced your cell phone and don’t get a security notification? This circumstance will generate more stress and decrease your peace of mind.
  • Calls for your full attention: As you are the only one in charge, you must never stray too far from your home security app.
  • No assistance hooking up the system: If you require assistance during an install, you may have to hire a separate contractor. The installation is also likely to be more time-consuming.

Protect Your Family With a Monitored Home Security System In Louisville

Get the 24-hour support you deserve with a monitored home security system in Louisville from Secure24 Alarm Systems. We think you’ll agree that a fully integrated, monitored system is the right choice for you. Contact (502) 251-3133 today to speak with our security experts.