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Get Around The Clock Life And Fire Protection With Smarter Home Safety Products

In the unfortunate event of a fire, flood, or carbon monoxide leak, each second is vital. That’s why [your home needs the best fire, flood, and carbon monoxide alarms that connect to your Louisville home alarm system.

That’s because the instant your Louisville home safety products detect a fire, CO, or flood emergency, your ADT monitoring center will immediately call in emergency personnel. You’re even covered when you’re not home -- like when a faulty HVAC overheats or you forgot to unplug the toaster. With ADT monitoring watching over you, emergency services could show up to your place before you can!

Louisville smoke detector adt

Smart Fire Detection Comes From Monitored Fire Alarms

Go beyond your conventional smoke detectors with fire alarms that look for both temperature and smoke. And when your alarm ever triggers, ADT monitoring quickly directs emergency services to your home.

Louisville carbon dioxide detector

Stop CO Poisoning With A CO Sensor

Strengthen your home safety with a high-tech CO alarm that warns you and your ADT monitoring station the instant it identifies even low levels of this colorless, odorless gas.

Curtail Water Damage With An ADT Monitored Flood Detector

A spontaneous basement lake can ruin carpets, furniture, and boxes of momentos. An ADT monitored flood detector signals you to rising water from a Louisville leaky pipe or clogged storm drain.

Louisville panic button for sale

Panic Buttons Help With A Health Or Safety Emergency

Get immediate assistance for a health or safety crisis with your panic button. Gift the lightweight button to a loved one to wear comfortably on their wrist or like a necklace. One push opens up a secure line to your monitoring center.

ADT Monitoring Gives You Protection Home Or Away

After a fire, CO, or health emergency is detected, ADT immediately contacts safety personnel. Then you’re able to center your attention on getting your family to a safe place when a fire or other emergency is detected when you’re all home. ADT monitoring also makes certain that your home is still watched over when you’re away. You can even receive alerts that pop up on your phone through ADT Control. Home or away, you’re secure every second of every day!

Get Your Louisville Home Safety Products Installed By The Professionals At Secure24 Alarm Systems

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