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Louisville Crime Map And Info

We all think we’re in a safe street, but how will your home compare with the larger municipality? Take a look at our Louisville crime map and figure out the amount of incidents in Louisville. Then take a quick glance at some methods to make your home and city more safe.

Louisville Crime Map

This Louisville Crime Map shows a round-up of known crime in the area. Deeper red sections indicate a greater concentration of incidences as compared to the surrounding city limits. To get a larger view of Louisville, use the + icon to zoom out. Or hit the - to zoom in on a particular street or area.

Five Tips On How To Help Make Your Community Safe And Secure

If you want to help stop transgressions, there's a few easy things you can do in the name of community safety. Check out these few easy tips for keeping your block secure and inviting.

Look out for your community: The more you talk to people in your neighborhood, the simpler it will be to protect one another. Many neighborhoods in Louisville have even formed a formal neighborhood watch.

Get a security system: If a robber sets off a high-decibel alarm, it should stop them from lurking around that same street for a while. Your outside security cameras might also capture people running through your front yard when running from a thwarted break-in.

Keep items hidden in your car: Forgetting your billfold, laptop, or mobile phone in the car can instigate a vehicular break-in. If you can, double check you have your valuables or leave them out of view in a console compartment or trunk.

Put up outside motion lighting: Light keeps an intruder off guard. By hanging motion-activated lighting over the garage or a rear doorway, you could fend off a burglary before it starts.

Let people know when you’re gone: Let a neighbor know when you’re going away to visit relatives, and give them a key or door lock code to check-in periodically. Although, leave your travel plans off social media if at all possible.

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